This blog is a personal blog written and edited by myself. It does not reflect the opinion of any employer(s).
It is about current things I am working on, projects I am interested in or even stuff that is not related to technologie at all.

I am passined about security, not only at $dayjob, my second passion is sports, being an active triathlete and a passive archer.

Projects I am involved / have been involved:

My contributions to other OpenSource Projects can be found on

To avoid mixing up things I set up another blog to cover security topics called sec.sexy.

I have created several iOS apps that have been published in the AppStore beginning with iOS 2.0 (where Apple introduced the AppStore). Some appliacations have been created for customers some for my Startup [see iOS-projects (German)]

Since 2001 I was involved in several web based projects / applications for customers or startup or simply as a hobby. Most of the projects are listed: Web-Projects (German).

If you want to find out more about my professional background, check out LinkedIn (no headhunters please)


Mail: mail@alexanderjaeger.de. PGP Fingerprint: 41FD02AEB19177CB527F8694E38ECCB7962A8CF4

Twitter: @alexanderjaeger

Photos: viewpicture.de

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