Projects & References


To find more about my work history, see my LinkedIn profile

My SANS certifications are listed over here

Community Services

Board member of 2018-2020

PC member at FIRST in 2015, 2017,2018

PC member at in 2016, 2017,2018

Co-Chair Membership Committee at FIRST 2016-2016

Chair Membership Committee at FIRST 2016-2018

Trainer at FIRST


Open Source

My contributions to other Open Source Projects can be found on

security-apis – a curated list of APIS for security tools/people. The idea of that repository is to have a central point, where every vendor, open-source developer or researcher can look up various interfaces to benefit an exchange of data to do good. The project started because I was tired to remember all the various platforms I like to interconnect in my scripts.




  • (needed to cancel that talk)


  • 2017-04 Deutscher CERT Verbund Arbeitstreffen
  • Small unnamed conference



  • Deutscher CERT Verbund Arbeitstreffen
  • Small unnamed conference


I have created several iOS apps that have been published in the AppStore beginning with iOS 2.0 (where Apple introduced the AppStore). Some applications have been created for customers some for my Startup [see iOS-projects (German)]


Since 2001 I was involved in several web-based projects/applications for customers or startup or simply as a hobby. Most of the projects are listed: Web-Projects (German).


To avoid mixing up things I set up another blog to cover security topics called

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