SwissTrailBell Review


How cool is that, riding several hundret kilometers every week including areas with people walking around it annoyes to ring a bell.
Found myself angry with people, dogs, kids etc not recognizing my bell.
SwissTrailBell simply solves a problem that no one ever considered to be important enough to be solved.


The swisstrailbell is delivered in a unlabeled brown carton.

Swisstrail bell box

Swisstrail bell box

Within that box is the swisstrailbell itself and a short howto in german only.

Swisstrailbell box 3

Swisstrailbell box 2

Swisstrailbell box 3

Swisstrailbell box 3

The swisstrailbell itself is black and nicely made.





(The bell was ordered via Fahrradklingel-shop, so other shops might change the boxing)


Very easy and straight forward.

Swisstrailbell on a Cyclocross bike

Swisstrailbell on a Cyclocross bike

Swisstrailbell on a MTB

Swisstrailbell on a MTB


Swisstrailbell weight

Swisstrailbell weight

The ordered version is exactly 51 g.

Volume / sound

HOW LOUD IS IT? Loud enough!

In regards to the sound, has recorded an mp3 which gives an good idea about the sound.


I got one a week ago, attached it to my road bike and tried it several times and it just rocks.

It is loud enough to warn people early, they do not over-react and it sounds nicely. It is made for off-roaders riding trails to keep the hands on the handlebar while still informing people.

Very easy to attach to nearly every bike, of course mountain bike but also road and time trial bike can be used with the swisstrailbell.

And last but not least – the swisstrailbell is beatiful, it is an eye-catcher on every bike and envious eyes are guaranteed.


+ Ringing by itself
+ Signaled by constant ringing audibly convergence
+ High acceptance by pedestrians
+ Different colors / designs
+ Easily activated with one hand
+ Simple assembly / disassembly
+ one per group is enough


– relatively expensive
– can by itself twisting or slipping
– on duration annoying tinkling
– the design is a matter of taste
– relatively high weight

The swisstrailbell is about 28 € and can be ordered via


If the design of the swisstrailbell is not your style, found some alternatives on Amazon (so called Bären Glocke, bear bell):


Very nice, unique gadget for bikers.


User manual (german only)
swisstrailbell facebook page
German online shop

So it is up to you, happy riding.

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