Raspberry Pi USV UPS

Raspberry Pi, the cheap computer for various stuff like a surveillance cam gets another cool toy: The PI USV from CW2.

While pis are used in more and more aspects, it gets critical to ensure power supply. A normal USV / UPS (unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung / uninterruptible power supply) is fine, but a spcial USV for the PI has some benefits:
– propper shutdown
– power supply monitoring to check the supply (batterie only, no batteries given, etc.)

The USV / UPS will be attached via the „normal“ micro USB

It will send signals like BATLOW, BATPOW, PIREADY via GPIO.
Even without using the GPIO ports, three LEDs are indicating the status of the USV.

Cw2. is based in Germany

Costs? 29,99 €.

or at Amazon:

PI USV can also be used as an Arduino USV and a Beaglebone USV (Arduino UPS / Beaglebone UPS)

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