Let’s talk about time – in a different blog

I wrote a blogpost, but in a different blog that I however wanted to link to. It is a blog that is maintained by a bunch of open source digital forensics incident response people some of which are my current team mates.

The blogpost is about Time. More specific on some general ideas and concepts around time. It then goes on to explain how time is relevant in IT and why it is important in digital forensics. It also contains some recommendations that everyone can (and should) apply.

Here is a except of the goal of the blog post:

This article explains the importance and challenges of time in digital forensics and incident response. You will learn how time is handled in various open source tools and get practical tips on managing time in your environment.

Are you curious: go over to: https://osdfir.blogspot.com/2021/06/lets-talk-about-time.html

Mercedes Benz Music Compilation 28 Mixed Tape

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 28 Album Cover

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 28 Album Cover

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape – Leser des Blogs kennen die Compilation des Autokonzerns bereits. Kostenlose Musik neuer frischer Künstler zum Download.


01 Hold It Tight – Pupkulies & Rebecca
02 Metamorfosis – Jaap
03 Cardboard and Crates – Ehnertia
04 Space and Time – Universal Vibrations
05 Are You Happy – Shakinouts
06 Get A Little Coffee – Malkovic
07 Mother Of Mine – Shaheen
08 Daydream – Starpost
09 Jazz Club – Kriss
10 Procedere – Bocca Grande

Link zum Download: Link