Django 403 CSRF forbidden

The following error message:

Forbidden (403)
CSRF verification failed. Request aborted
More information is available with DEBUG=True

Might occur if you are using an apache / nginx running behind another Apache as a proxy.
To read more about CSRF go to wikipedia. It is basically an interception of a session exploiting the trust a browser has to a site.

So it is an security feature, that is interfered by the proxy.
You have most likely something like:

ProxyPass / https://$yourhost/
ProxyPassReverse / https://$yourhost/

In your apache config. That needs to be extended to:

ProxyPass / https://$yourhost/
ProxyPassReverse / https://$yourhost/
ProxyPreserveHost On

Quote from apache doc:

When enabled, this option will pass the Host: line from the incoming request to the proxied host, instead of the hostname specified in the ProxyPass line.

This option should normally be turned Off. It is mostly useful in special configurations like proxied mass name-based virtual hosting, where the original Host header needs to be evaluated by the backend server.

OpenOffice problem window restore

If your OpenOffice crashed running Apple OSX, you might run into a problem where a dialog is asking you wether you would like to restore your old windows / documents.

When you click one of the two options, nothing happens.

You can solve the problem (make a backup of the folder before deleting it):


Quit open office (using task manager or alt+cmd+esc)
Open Terminal
cd  ~/Library/Saved Application State/org.openoffice.script.savedState
rm -rf *

That will delete all content of that folder.