OpenOffice problem window restore

If your OpenOffice crashed running Apple OSX, you might run into a problem where a dialog is asking you wether you would like to restore your old windows / documents.

When you click one of the two options, nothing happens.

You can solve the problem (make a backup of the folder before deleting it):


Quit open office (using task manager or alt+cmd+esc)
Open Terminal
cd  ~/Library/Saved Application State/org.openoffice.script.savedState
rm -rf *

That will delete all content of that folder.

Facebook iphone app library three20


Der Entwickler der Facebook iPhone App Joe Hewitt hat im Zuge der Erstellung der Applikation daran gemacht, die verwendeten Elemente in eine Library zu vereinen.

Kurz und knapp, hier gibts das Teil.

Das ganze nennt sich Three20 in Anlehnung an die 320 Pixel beim iPhone.


The name of the new project is Three20, after the 320-pixel-wide screen of the iPhone. The code is all hosted on github for your cloning pleasure. There is an excellent sample app called TTCatalog which lets you play with all of the various UI components. Documentation? Well… there are instructions for how to add Three20 to your project, but I am still working on comprehensive documentation for each of the classes. For now, the sample app and the code itself are your documentation.


Beschrieben werden alle nutzbaren Klassen mit Beispielen und einer sehr aktiven Google Group