Simsme a secure messenger

(c) Deutsche Post AG

(c) Deutsche Post AG

There have been some ongoing discussions about Facebook Messanger / Whattsapp – security, encryption, privacy etc.
Just a few days ago Facebook made a big move pushing more users to the Facebook Messenger.
And now a new big player enters the field of messengers: Deutsche Post.

They announced a product called „Sims Me“ being a „free and secure messenger on iOS and Android“.

Of course Deutsche Post has some expirience with delivering messages for hundrets of years. But this is not the first App Deutsche Post is providing, officially the apps are developed by „DP IT Brief GmbH“.

Key Features of SimsMe

– End to end encryption
– everything stored on servers
– self destructive messages *
– Ability to connect to your existing contacts (but only by granting SimsMe access to your contacts)
– Confirm users by QR code (same like Threema)
– App is password protects -> if your possword got lost, your app data is gone, you have to reinstall it.

* only for th first million users for free

There is a good FAQ on the page.


The starting phase was a bit to much for Deutsche Post as to much users tried the service, but for now it is okay, some bugs have to been fixed, there is some space for improvement regarding UI, but overall a nice product.

Of course stating „it is end-to-end encrypted“ does not mean anything. I haven’t seen a Audit of the App, even if it would be open source, there is no evidence that the open source code is the code DP IT Brief GmbH is sending to Apple / Google. And there is no way to check wether the app uploaded from DP IT Brief GmbH to Apple / Google is the App that you are downloading to your device (they are in a position to madify apps). That said, having a big company providing an app with end to end encryption is better than using a plain-text or not properly encrypted app. But still, if you want to exchange sensitive stuff, face to face is the way to go.


iOS Itunes download
Andoid Google Playstore

Upload kippo ssh honeypot files to viper

You want to store all your samples catched by your SSH-Kippo Honeypot to your malware repository operated with viper?

Go that way:
Start Viper API:

foo@bar ~/scripts/viper $ ./ -H -p 8080

and upload all your samples to viper:

for i in /home/pi/kippo-read-only/dl/*; do curl -F file=@$i -F tags="honeypot" http://covert:8080/file/add; done 


    "message": "added"
    "message": "added"

(you might want to modify the dir to your setup)
Why not automate uploading from kippo to viper?
– The „attacker“ might upload more then just malware / samples. You do not want to waste space in your malware zoo with another copy of netcat…

Raspberry Pi ZNC IRC bouncer problem and SSH tunneling into bouncer

Installing Raspberry Pi with a ZNC IRC bouncer and having the following problem:

<*status> Cannot connect to IRC (Cannot assign requested address (Is your IRC server’s host name valid?)). Retrying…

Even when your irc server adress is correct?

Looks like the dev team of znc is aware of the problem and the following will help:

/znc setbindhost
/msg *status jump

To make it persistent:

user@host /home/pi $ killall znc
user@host /home/pi $ vi $HOME/.znc/configs/znc.conf
BindHost = //to every user
Start znx:
user@host /home/pi $ znc

Happy bouncing

Btw. a bouncer is a tool to stay connected to your irc network(s) in order to buffer stuff that is being posted while you are not on your keyboard.
The bouncer will stay on the server and in the channels you configured.
Also private messages will be stored, so you will get them after you return to your keyboard.

The other feature is that the bouncer also is your one and only irc server, so you do not have to connect to multiple server instead just the bouncer, which might be quite handy.

To install ZNC on your raspberry:

user@host /home/pi $ sudo apt-get update
user@host /home/pi $ sudo apt-get upgrade
user@host /home/pi $ sudo apt-get install znc
user@host /home/pi $ znc --makeconf
follow the instructions to configure your Bouncer
Remember Port, username and password!

To connect to your bouncer use:

[ ** ] Try something like this in your IRC client...
[ ** ] /server +$PORT $USERNAME: [ ** ] And this in your browser...
[ ** ] https://:$PORT/

You can also configure the bouncer via web interface, if you have choosen to use SSL remember to connect https:// and not http://

To secure your bouncer it might be worth to activate the module fail2ban within znc, that will ban users that have n wrong login attempts.

Also it might be worth to not bring your bouncer to the public internet, better hide it in your local network and just ssh to your system and forward the port via SSH, so it will be a IRC over SSH tunnel.


IRC via SSH tunnel

tcp 0 0* LISTEN aus (0.00/0/0)
tcp 0 0* LISTEN aus (0.00/0/0)

SSH is available from public internet and 1025 is firewalled with DENY

Use the following SSH tunnel:

ssh pi@yourpublicip -L 7778:

where 1025 is your znc port
7778 will be the port your local system is listening to
So you can then connect to your bouncer using:

/server +7778 username:passwort

Happy remote bouncing!

Bozen – balzano

Balzano Cathedral Bozen Italien

Balzano Cathedral

Botzen is famous for Ötzi, also called the icema, and they are showing the old dead body in a special museum, but expect the museum to be very crowded. The building is not very huge and I think that is the unique selling point, we would have to wait for an hour and is about 9 € per adult (August 2014).
According to the museum web page:

A visit to the museum takes about 1-2 hours.
The interior of the museum is easily accessible to disabled people.

So it is up to you if you want to wait.
The mumy was found 1991 in the Ötztal alps and scientiests assume that he was living around 3300 before christus. Funny fact: he was found by two german tourists, so if you walking around in the alps, watch carefully, you might find Ötzi 2.0.

Besides the museum, Balzano has some nice churches and older buildings that could be worth to check out.

The pedestrian zone is very very nice, lots of small shops with unique stuff (but also the big brands have their space), and you should save around two hours to give it a look.

If you plan to rest for a while have a look for the „Kornplatz“, with some nice wooden seats. Try to be there during market time so you can buy fresh and high quality stuff for a fair amount of money. According to this page the schedule is like following:

Fruits, vegetables, food, clothes, custome jewellery, items for home…

Monday: Piazza Don Bosco
Tuesday: Via Piacenza-Via Aslago
Thursday: Via Rovigo, Piazza Matteotti
Saturday: Piazza della Vittoria and surroundings

For parking you should give this one a try, it is pricewise fair and very central just next to the Balzano Cathedral

Parcheggi Italia Spa
10/A Piazza Walther Von Der Vogelweide, Bolzano, BZ 39100

A little confusing is going back to the autobahn / motorway, if your GPs is recommending Balzano south / Bozen Süd, be careful. We ended on a

A nice spot it the Ponte Talerva, a bridge with some locks as a symbol of love and you can walk to the „Siegesdenkmal“ – „Monumento alla Vittoria“

Balzano love locks on a bridge

Balzano love locks on a bridge


Here is a new feature, an OpenStreetMap with most of the spots mentioned in the Blogpost.

[osm_map lat=“46.499″ lon=“11.353″ zoom=“15″ width=“600″ height=“450″ marker_file=““]