Niagara falls


Going To Michigan and or Canada / Toronto the first spot on the todo list should be Niagara falls. 4200 liters per seconds are falling 58 meters and are a tourist magnet category a++.
Around the falls a fluent tourism addicted village has grown and try to get as much money as possible out of the tourist wallet. Hotels, Casinos, Food, Parking spots, souvenirs, boat tours, helicopter tours, behind the falls tours and many more, take what you want.


What amused me very much is the fact that niagara falls looks like „selfie-eldorado“, it’s just amazing how many people using their Smartphones, Tablets, Camcorder or Digicams to capture them selves. Of course most of these pictures do not look that good, some years ago John Doe simply asked Carla Carrot to make a picture of John and John will also take a picture of Carla, tourist interaction at its best, but now, no one is willing to ask, even if that would end up in better pictures.

Things I planned for Niagara falls:
watch the water…

Things I haven’t done in Niagara falls:
helicopter tour (haha, the price for that is just a waste of money)
both any souvenirs or other swag (if you want to buy some souvenirs, go some streets further away from the main roads, their are quite a lot Souvenir-outlets)
eaten anything their, it is just to expensive

Things I would do within the next trip:
actually I did everything I wanted for niagara falls, there is not that much more to do there

Niagara Falls are awesome to watch, Boat tour is okay, but not a must-do, because it is quite expensive for only aprox. 20 minutes


The village is just bizarre like a big „funfair“ or Las Vegas style.
Burger King in Frankensteinis very cool..-


Things I have learned:
– pre buy boat ticket —> will save a lot of time or just do not make the boat trip
– selfie, selfie selfie…
– the closer you go to the falls area, the more the parking will cost you —> spend 5 minutes walking and save 50 %
– stuck in a elevator can be caused by a lady hitting a wrong button but can also be solved by a ladie hitting the right button
– mark your parking sport on GPS!
– never ever rent a car without „cruise control“ when going to Canada or US —> just boring only going straight for hundreds of miles