FHEM HMLAN1 help me

While looking at FHEM logs, that appeared:

2014.12.11 22:00:16 3: HMLAN1: Unknown code A0F51BB102BBB1E 0000000AE0BB0E000F::-85:HMLAN1, help me!

The device ID is:

Multiple times.

After googling for a while a potential solution is to create a vccu:

define vccu CUL_HM <$hmId> 
attr vccu model CCU-FHEM 

Where <$hmId> is your HM ID of your Lan interface or similar.

Or it might be a device from a house nearby, and you want to ignore that device:

define IGNORE_ME CUL_HM <$hmId>
attr IGNORE_ME ignore 1

That should help