Amazon Music app ignore Mp3 folder

If you are using the Amazon Music App to access your Amazon prime music library from your Android device, it will display all mp3s found on the device. That might be odd if you have audiobooks or ringtones that you do not want ot be in your playlist.

The solution to ignore folder is to create an empty file with the name:


And place it into the folder you want to be ignored, refresh your media library in the App and all the folders will be ignored.

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FHEM HMLAN1 help me

While looking at FHEM logs, that appeared:

2014.12.11 22:00:16 3: HMLAN1: Unknown code A0F51BB102BBB1E 0000000AE0BB0E000F::-85:HMLAN1, help me!

The device ID is:

Multiple times.

After googling for a while a potential solution is to create a vccu:

define vccu CUL_HM <$hmId> 
attr vccu model CCU-FHEM 

Where <$hmId> is your HM ID of your Lan interface or similar.

Or it might be a device from a house nearby, and you want to ignore that device:

define IGNORE_ME CUL_HM <$hmId>
attr IGNORE_ME ignore 1

That should help