Out of my attempt to reverse engineer the Komand API (a security orchestration tool) I found myself writing some python helper to use the API. Maybe it is useful for some people, so I decided to OpenSource it.

It is hard to understand why a tool, thats main purpose it to connect APIs does not have an API documentation / client itself.

Usage should be pretty simple, clone the repository and good to go:

usage: komand-tools.py [-h] [-v] [-wm] [-j JOB]

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose increase output verbosity
-wm, --workflow_map show workflow map
-j JOB, --job JOB show job status

Feel free to open Issues or Make Pull Requests. The repository is hosted on Github: https://github.com/deralexxx/komand-tools/

universal car mount with velcro

Today a „Hack“-Report:

I was using iPhone for quite a while, my last Phone was a iPhone4 for last three years. Part of my phone gear is a Navigon cell phone holder which is indeed the same like a Garmin cell phone holder.

As I moved to Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, I wanted to be more flexible, and to use my Phone also on my bike I bought:

SPITZEL – Samsung Galaxy S5 Halterung für das Fahrrad

They are made in Germany.

First impression: very solid!

So as the phone case is now equiped with velcro, I want to use it the same way in the car.

Buying 2 m of velcro is very cheap.

velcroNow use the old cell phone car mount and stick two parts of velcro on the car mount:

velcro stickedAnd now, let’s test it:


Very nice, very solid and super flexible, it can still be used with the old iPhone 4 and other cell phones with velcro.

Ergo: universal car mount with velcro for a fair amount of money.

In german: Universal Auto handy halterung mit Klett