Raspberry Pi nagios open monitoring distribution

This Blog Post will cover a howto for a complete monitoring setup.

I wanted to create a monitoring solution for a bunch of Raspberry Pi, a FritzBox, a QNAP Nas, Windows Clients and Apple OSX Workstation.

The monitoring device is another Raspberry Pi with Raspian installed.

The first coice for a monitoring solution is of course Nagios. It’s free, it’s open source and it’s high scalable. The problem with Nagios out of the box: it’s complex, it is too complex to do it in the small home network.

To save time, there is an complete collection of tools called OMD – open monitoring distribution.

OMD avoids the tedious work of manually compiling and integrating Nagios addons while at the same time avoiding the problems of pre-packaged installations coming with your Linux distribution, which are most times outdated and provide no regular updates.

OMD bundles Nagios together with many important addons and can easily be installed on every major Linux distribution. We provide prebuilt packages for all enterprise Linux distributions and also for some other, such as Ubuntu.

A german howto for installing OMD on an Raspberry Pi is available here.

This monitoring pi is now named nagiospi.

But to use the version 1.0 you will need the following commands:

sudo su
echo 'deb http://labs.consol.de/repo/stable/debian wheezy main' >> /etc/apt/sources.list
gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys F8C1CA08A57B9ED7 #install PGP Key of Sven Nierlein sven.nierlein@consol.de
gpg --armor --export F8C1CA08A57B9ED7 | apt-key add -
apt-get update
pi@nagiospi ~ $ sudo apt-cache search omd
cp2k - Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics
customdeb - Modfies binary Debian package
dicomnifti - converts DICOM files into the NIfTI format
isomd5sum - ISO9660 checksum utilities
libtemplate-provider-fromdata-perl - module to load templates from your __DATA__ section
python-pyisomd5sum - ISO9660 checksum Python module
tofrodos - Converts DOS Unix text files, alias tofromdos
vrflash - tool to flash kernels and romdisks to Agenda VR
omd - Open Source Monitoring Distribution
omd-1.00 - Open Source Monitoring Distribution, containing Nagios,
root@nagiospi:/#apt-get install omd-1.00

After that you have to install a OMD site:

root@nagiospi:/#omd create pimon
will create a folder /omd/sites/pimon/tmp
root@nagiospi:/#ifconfig # to gather the IP of your Pi

You can now access the webpage using

The site can be started with omd start pipi. The default web UI is available at http://raspberrypi/pipi/ The admin user for the web applications is omdadmin with password omd. Please do a su - pipi for administration of this site.

root@nagiospi:~# omd start pimon
Starting dedicated Apache for site pimon…OK
Starting rrdcached…OK
Starting npcd…OK
Starting nagios…OK
Initializing Crontab…OK

Now access http://$IP_OF_YOUR_PI/pimon with default credentials stated before.

To gather data, you will now have to login to another pi: senderpi.

The senderpi will provide an interface / port for the nagiospi to collect data. To do so, the script check-mk from Matias Kettner is perfect. It is available for Linux, Windows etc.

Want to learn more about Nagios / Monitoring:

root@senderpi:/#sudo apt-get install xinetd check-mk-agent

After that you have to edit at least the file: vi /etc/xinetd.d/check_mk
For security reasons, remove the # in the line and include the IP of $nagiospi

root@senderpi:/#vi /etc/xinetd.d/check_mk
only_from = $IP_OF_YOUR_NAGIOSPI

so that only your nagiospi can access the port and the information.
To enable the script, change the value in the file from yes to:

disable = no

Restart xinetd:

root@senderpi:/# service xinetd restart
[ ok ] Stopping internet superserver: xinetd.
[ ok ] Starting internet superserver: xinetd.

Check if the service is running:

root@senderpi:/# netstat -anon | grep 6556
tcp 0 0* LISTEN aus (0.00/0/0)
root@senderpi:/# nc 6556
Version: 1.1.12p7
AgentOS: linux
PluginsDirectory: /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins
LocalDirectory: /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/local
AgentDirectory: /etc/check_mk

To increase security, use the following iptables rule to prohibit unauthorized access to the OMD / Nagios / mk-check port:

iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -s $IP_OF_YOUR_NAGIOSPI --dport 6556 -m state --state NEW,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT

You can also check from your nagiospi command line:

nc covert 6556 $IP_OF_YOUR_SENDER_PI

Now go to the page:

Default username: omdadmin password: omd

And go to „Hosts and folders“ on the left menu.

Click create host and insert all of the data:$IP_OF_YOUR_SENDER_PI.
–> Save and check services
Your nagiospi now tries to connect to your senderpi and checks for info.
Save it.
On the top screen there is a button „1 Change“ klick it and confirm it.

To change the password:


Now your host has been added to monitoring. All information should be available to your nagios and you will be alerted e.g. the SD card of the PI is running out of space.

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 29

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 29

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 29

In guter Tradition ist heute die 29. Auflage des Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes erschienen.

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04 Slow Flash – GHHT
05 Be Your Lover – Vanessa Tuna
06 Empty – Nia Andrews
07 Touch Me (featuring Shaden) – Alcendor
08 Lullabyebye – Clapperclaw
09 Run Away – Something Simple
10 Apasmara – The..AM

Hier gibts das gute Stück Musik:


Mercedes Benz mixed Tape 27 online

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 28 Cover

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 28 Cover

Die im regelmäßigen Abstand erscheinende Compilation Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape ist am heutigen Dienstag in der 27. Auflage erschienen.

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02 Can’t Get Enough Of Me – Pauletta
03 My Benz – Snow Picnic
04 Down To The Streets – Empty Beauty
05 Do You See What I See – BROKOF
06 Stay Still – Anna Scott
07 Waterdrops – AnnA
08 New Age – Nine Dots
09 Emergency Disko – iKi BEAT
10 Love – Chantelle Nandi

Audiko Ringtones for Free

Audiko Screenshot free ringtones

Audiko Screenshot free ringtones

Heute mal ein etablierter Service: Audiko.

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Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 26 kostenlos erhältlich

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 26 Logo

Mercedes Benz Mixed Tape 26 Logo

Neues aus dem Hause Mercedes Benz – Mixed Tape 26 ist veröffentlicht.

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05 Philly Run – B-Ju
06 Velowitch’s Trick (DJ3000 Motech Remix) – antennasia
07 People – Zemmy
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Mercedes-Benz TV – Mixed Tape 25 Gratis Album

Mercedes-Benz TV veröffentlich die neue Version des Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes, jetzt in Version 25.



Wie gewohnt wird eine bunte Mischung an unabhängigen Künstlern geboten, die verschiedenste Musikstile representieren. Für Abwechslung ist also gesorgt. Die Kompilation läuft unter dem Motto Jazz.

Kostenlose MP3s zum Download sind nach wie vor eine Seltenheit, daher lohnt es sich, dieses Format zu unterstützen. Auch das veröffentlichte Magazin ist sehr lesenswert.


01 Play With You – SynthpathiC feat. Juno
02 My Road – StrayOtic
03 After Love Is Gone – Sosue
04 Dragonfly – Sencha
05 Take Your Time – South Jordan
06 Capable – Beatshots
07 Forward – Northbound
08 Too Fast – Maren & Montauk
09 All For One – Mishoo The Drumkit
10 Superposition – Comfort Fit

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